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Review of a recent Skilled for Health community course

The course had excellent content and  Caitlin was a very knowledgeable teacher, she was interesting and stimulating. The group found it a great opportunity to improve aspects of communications that may seem like common sense but are often overlooked by some teachers here. It was very well paced and Caitlin had a genuine interest in the group ,she was obviously a very experienced, confident and highly skilled teacher in this field. This group that Caitlin led was the best group I have observed since coming into post. The interactive nature of the course encouraged honest and open communication amongst everyone which really helped clarify suggestions. My group said they have found it really interesting and said it has definitely  improved their knowledge and skills.  

On a personal level I have found Caitlin to be a beautiful, kind, caring and endearing girl. It has been a pleasure to have her here and there wasn’t a dry eye when she left today. Anyone who has presented and led groups here know that some groups can be difficult to engage with. Caitlin has sailed through the weeks  undeterred by any negativity from certain individuals eventually overcoming it and gently pulling them into what became a very solid group! I am hoping we can have her back at BCH her learning style was fabulous and many in the group have taken away skills they didn’t have before. Well done Caitlin x  
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